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Vascular Grafts Pipeline Insight and Competitive Landscape Report

What are Vascular Grafts?

A Vascular Graft (also called vascular bypass) is a surgical procedure that redirects blood flow from one area of the body to another by reconnecting the blood vessels. Vascular grafting is most commonly done to bypass a complete or partial blockage in an artery in order to improve blood flow to the organ or extremity supplied by the diseased artery. Vascular grafts are of different types based on the indication and raw materials used for the graft to suit the host tissue.

Vascular Grafts Devices Competitive Assessment

Vascular Grafts Devices pipeline report encloses its detailed analysis of various pipeline devices which include product description, licensing and collaboration details and other developmental activities including the latest news and press releases. The report also provides list of major players involved in the pipeline product development.

  • Product Raw Material

Vascular Grafts can be divided based on raw materials – Polyester Grafts, ePTFE, Polyurethane Grafts and Biosynthetic Grafts, which are covered in the report.

  • Product Indication

Vascular Grafts can be divided based on its application – Cardiac Aneurysms, Vascular Occlusion and Kidney Failure, which are covered in the report.

  • Vascular Grafts Major Players

There are approx. 20+ key companies which are developing the Vascular Grafts products.

Key Players

  • RegenaGraft
  • Humacyte Inc
  • Innovia LLC
  • LeMaitre Vascular Inc
  • Merit Medical Systems Inc
  • Peca Labs Inc
  • PQ Bypass Inc
  • Secant Group LLC
  • Terumo Aortic Company
  • Tgen Tech LLC
  • TTK Healthcare Ltd
  • VenoStent Inc
  • VesselTek BioMedical
  • VESSL Therapeutics Ltd

Table of contents 

1. Key Insights

2. Vascular Grafts: Snapshot

3. Vascular Grafts

3.1. Product Overview

3.2. Regulatory Approvals based on Class

3.3. Indications

3.4. Mechanism

4. Vascular Grafts: Competitive Assessment

4.1. Assessment by Product Raw Material

4.1.1. Polyester Grafts

4.1.2. ePTFE

4.1.3. Polyurethane Grafts

4.1.4. Biosynthetic Grafts

4.2. Assessment by Indication

4.3. Assessment by Company

4.3.1. Biosurfaces Inc NuSpun Vascular Graft: Biosurfaces Inc Product Information Research and Development Patent Details Regulatory Milestone

4.3.2. RegenaGraft RegenaVasc: RegenaGraft Product Information Research and Development Patent Details Regulatory Milestone

*More Companies and products would be added in the final report

5. Vascular Grafts: Competitive Benchmarking: By Company

5.1. Brand Positioning of Leading companies

5.2. Analysis based on Application

5.3. Analysis based on Industry Collaborations

6. Vascular Grafts – Commercialization Activity

6.1. Collaboration

6.2. Licensing

6.3. Merger and Acquisition

6.4. Recent Breakthroughs

6.5. Literature Studies

6.6. KOL Views

7. Vascular Grafts: Regulatory

7.1. US

7.2. Europe

7.3. Japan

8. Vascular Grafts: Reimbursement

8.1. Case Study – US

8.2. Case Study – Europe

8.3. Case Study –Japan

9. Vascular Grafts: Market Dynamics

9.1. Unmet Needs

9.2. Market Drivers

9.3. Market Barriers

10. DelveInsight’s Analytical Perspective

10.1. PEST Analysis

10.2. Future Growth Perspectives

11. Conclusion

12. Appendix 

12.1. Research Methodology

12.1.1. Coverage

12.1.2. Secondary Research

13. Bibliography

14. DelveInsight Capabilities

15. Disclaimer

16. About DelveInsight

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