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Taurie Has Advice For You – Ignore Them And Go For It

If there is one lesson to learn in Taurie’s world, it is not to listen to anyone’s adverse opinion if you feel confident about whatever you want to do. This comes from starting off pursuing a career in Neuroscience, and instead ending up teaching herself five musical instruments, writing all of her songs and dreaming of being number 1 in the Billboards.

‘Though it is taking baby steps, Taurie says that letting other people’s journey become yours is one of the worst things anyone can do to themselves’ she said. Taurie comes from a family of professionals and over achievers both here in the United States, Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Her family’s expectation of her becoming a neurosurgeon was all she had aspired to be initially until the overwhelming urge of music production pulled her away from that dream. The fear of announcing this change of direction to her mother and extended family drove her into mild depression until one of her friends eventually played one of her songs to her mother. That broke the ice, giving Taurie an opening to have that talk with her mother. She was shocked when her mother embraced her and said, ‘Go for it’. That was all she needed to hear.

Since then, Taurie has released two albums, multiple features, and singles of which one earned her an award at the prestigious Garden State Film Festival (GSFF).

Her latest single ‘HYPNOTIZE ME’ is not only edgy and bold, but it also sets her apart from her peers. Taurie is aiming for the top and will not let doubters and life’s challenges stop her. Engulfed in her true passion for music, and the unwavering support of her family, Taurie is living by her own advice – Ignore them and go for it!

You can check out her latest single on YouTube and download it everywhere music is streamed.