Arsonist jailed after starting fires in Colchester

COLCHESTER: Jailed for starting three fires in the town, a 27-year-old man has been given a 15 month sentence after pleading guilty to the offences.

Anthony Theodosius of Avon Way in Colchester was sentenced at Ipswich Crown Court yesterday (September 13th) after admitting the offences at an earlier hearing in August.

A spokesperson for Essex Police said: “On Saturday 21st April, Theodosius was walking home after going out in Colchester town centre when he stopped by a Vauxhall Vectra in Hawkins Road and set it alight. He called the fire service and watched as firefighters extinguished the blaze.

“Theodosius then went home before going out again and setting the wheel arch of a Ford Galaxy alight in Hythe Quay, [Colchester]. Again he watched the car as it caught fire, called the fire service and watched as crews arrived before returning home at 1:30am.

“While at home, Theodosius called the fire service again to say his TV was alight. There was no fire and Theodosius, who was seen at both previous scenes, was identified as the caller.”

Theodosius was arrested on Wednesday 30th May and was charged by police for these incidents and a fire in Wheelers Close, Colchester, where bins at a communal area were set alight at 11:00pm on Saturday 19th May.

He was remanded in custody before appearing at court.

Investigating officer, PC Nathan Suley, said: “Theodosius’ behaviour not only had cost implications for two drivers but were dangerous and could have had more severe consequences.

“He wasted the fire service’s time after they responded to deliberate fires he started, taking them away from other emergencies.

“The fact he called the fire service and then waited as they extinguished the fires is very worrying. I think our communities will only be safer places to live with Theodosius locked in a prison cell.”