Colchester Zoo announce sad loss of 50 year-old rhino, Flossy

Colchester Zoo have announced the sad loss of Flossy, their ‘much loved’ White rhino.

The announcement was made on a post on the zoo’s Facebook page around 11:00am on Friday 13th July.

Flossy, described by keepers as a ‘much-loved friend’ was one of the White rhino who lived at the zoo and had been receiving treatment for a skin condition, appearing as weeping growths.

Her condition was kept under control by keepers and the zoo’s veterinary team to ensure Flossy remained comfortable.

In a statement, Colchester Zoo said: “Unfortunately, Flossy’s condition spread over time and due to her age, she also had arthritis in her back legs which resulted in a noticeable deterioration of health over the last few weeks.

“After a number of consultations with our veterinary team there was no further treatment that could be administered, therefore, with Flossy’s welfare and quality of life ahead in mind, we had to take the very difficult decision to euthanise Flossy on Wednesday 11th July.”

Flossy arrived at Colchester Zoo back in April 1972. Keepers were not given her exact birthdate when she arrived, but it was estimated to be around 1969, making Flossy one of the oldest White rhino in Europe.

She is reported to have played a very important role as a ‘grandmother’ figure to a number of rhino calves, never mothering any young of her own.

The zoo added: “Flossy will be missed by many and in remembrance of our dear friend we will look to have a special memorial area so that our fond memories of Flossy live on for generations to come.”