Colchester Police Cadets visit Essex Police HQ and specialist policing units

Colchester Police cadets visited a number of specialist policing departments as part of Essex Police’s Colchester ‘Street Week’ initiative.

Last Thursday’s visit (15th February) aimed to provide an insight into the work of policing to support the cadets learning and for those considering policing as a career.

Cadet Leader Guy Fletcher said: “The aim of the day was to give participants a new level of knowledge and understanding of the police and the work they do both on the street and out of the public eye.

“We chose specific activities to help support their learning and consolidate knowledge around some of the things we’ve covered as part of our classroom activities.”

The activity day began with meeting Assistant Chief Constable Pippa Mills before heading to the Force Control Room where they had the chance to speak with police staff, to find out information such as how crimes are recorded and the different types of incidents call handlers deal with.

Visiting the Force Support Unit, the cadets learned about the history of the unit and got to try on body armor as well as chatting to officers about their specialist roles.

The Force Support Unit (FSU) provides specialist support to the force. Officers respond to incidents involving weapons and assist in the planning and deployment of planned firearms operations using overt and covert tactics.

As part of the visit, the cadets also took a trip to the National Police Air Service Base. As the cadets received a tour of the base they had opportunities to ask questions about the police helicopter.

The Volunteer Police Cadets (VPC) is a uniformed voluntary youth organisation, supported by the Police, and open to young people aged 13-18. They are currently recruiting leaders for the VPC Units in Epping Forest, Southend and elsewhere.