Essex Police stop 50 drivers not wearing seat belts in Stanway operation

An Essex Police crackdown operation in Stanway, Colchester found 50 drivers in one day not wearing a seat belt.

In an operation in Stanway last week, over 50 drivers stopped on Essex Yeomanry Way were found to not be wearing seat belts.

During the operation, Essex Police found one car without an MOT, four vehicles with illegal number plates, five cars with tinted windows and six vehicles with tyres or bodywork in a poor condition.

Matt Hine, of Essex Police’s Casualty Reduction Section said “We are still finding that people are taking risks by not wearing a seat belt, putting themselves and other people within the vehicle in immediate danger.

“We have been experiencing extremely cold conditions in Essex, in cases snow and ice, and a seat belt in a collision really can help save your life.

“Our operations are not only keeping roads users and pedestrians safe, they also help warn and educate drivers about their dangerous actions.”

10 people stopped were also found to be using their mobile phone whilst driving, a law which now carries 6 penalty points on your licence and a fine of £200 for those caught.