Colchester cycling campaigner submits formal complaint over ECC improvement works

Colchester cycle campaigner Will Bramhill has called on Essex County Council to scrap the A133 roundabout improvement scheme.

In an official complaint sent to the council, the campaigner for Colchester Cycling and member of Cycling UK is opposed to upgrade works, due to begin later this year at the roundabouts off Harwich Road and Ipswich Road.

Mr Bramhill suggests in the 35 page complaint document, Essex County Council have “failed to address the issues of a rapidly growing town which has a 13,500 population ‘garden-community’ planned for a site just 1.3 miles away”

The complaint calls for Essex County Council to take independent advice on the scheme to and for the report to be made public.

Work to help alleviate congestion on the A133 and the surrounding area is set to begin in early 2018, to consist of major improvement works to the A133 from east of Harwich Road roundabout to west of Ipswich Road roundabout.

The work will include junction improvements to the existing Ipswich Road and Harwich Road roundabouts, widening of St Andrews Avenue carriageway as well as localised improvements to the surrounding local road network.

We have contacted Essex County Council for a statement.

Mr Bramhill’s formal complaint can be read here.