Colchester Ambassadors launch in Parliament

A group of Colchester business and professional leaders have joined forces with a mission to promote the town and attract more jobs.

At a launch reception at the House of Commons on January 29th 2018, MP for Colchester Will Quince (Con) hosted the launch event of The Colchester Ambassadors.

Discussing the reason for the event, Mr Quince said it’s all about “local businesses coming together to promote our town.

“We’re one of the faster growing boroughs in the Country and with that has to come new businesses and new jobs. Ambassadors are going to work together to show Colchester is a fantastic place to grow and re-locate your business.”

At the event, Tim Price, Operations Director for Park City Consulting said: “There aren’t many places that offer Colchester’s unique combination in terms of business prospects, entrepreneurial outlook, culture and heritage, as well as first-class training and education provision.

“When companies are looking for a new location to grow their business, we want to ensure that Colchester is firmly on their radar”

The Colchester Ambassadors – which has 21 founding members – urged MP’s, business relocation specialists and local dignitaries to put Colchester at the forefront of their considerations for new investment opportunities.

Colchester is currently benefiting from over £3 billion in local authority and private sector investment in five key development areas; Tollgate, Northern Approaches, Hythe, Town Centre and the Knowledge Gateway.

The town also has its own council owned ultra-fast broadband system, with installation incentives recently announced to enable Colchester businesses to compete with London.

IMG_20180130_102958 - Edited
Will Quince, MP for Colchester welcoming the Colchester Ambassadors

Stephen Clark, Managing Director of Churchmanor Estates said: “Colchester has one of the fastest growing economies in the UK; it’s had the 7th largest population growth in the past decade and the 5th largest growth in housing.

“It is crucial organisations like ourselves do everything we can to create and encourage the necessary job opportunities so that people have employment on their doorstep that is rewarding and fulfilling.

In a series of videos, each of ‘The Ambassadors’ have highlighted what Colchester offers to their own organisation and have made their contact details available for other businesses looking to find out more.

The group is also appealing to other members of the business community to become Colchester Associates, to work with the Ambassadors.

The Colchester Ambassadors are:

  • Adrian Pritchard (Colchester Borough Council)
  • Alison Andreas (Colchester Institute)
  • Carl Milton (Fenwick)
  • Craig Newnes (McDonalds)
  • Ian Montgomery (XS Items Ltd)
  • Ian Morehouse (Flakt Woods)
  • Ian Vipond (Colchester Borough Council)
  • Jeremy Newman (Newman Commercial)
  • Jon Neill (Sportsafe UK)
  • Lorna Fox O’Mahony (University of Essex)
  • Julian Lamb (Barkley Projects)
  • Karen Ainley (Mosaic – The Integrated Marketing Agency)
  • Ken Jenkinson (ex Colchester Royal Grammar School)
  • Laura Mansel-Thomas (Ingleton Wood)
  • Paul Bleck (Bartech Marine)
  • Paul Milsom (Milsom Hotels)
  • Sara Thakkar (Colne Housing)
  • Stephen Clark (Churchmanor Estates Company)
  • Stuart Cock (Mersea Homes)
  • Tim Price (Park City)
  • Tony Fisher (Fisher Jones Greenwood)

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