Soldier loses appeal against sexual assault conviction

Soldier sentenced to nine months’ detention at Court Martial hearing in Colchester.

George Griffin, 23, a private in the Royal Logistic Corps, was convicted of sexual assault in May 2017 following an incident at Missoula in Colchester. He was also dismissed from the Army.

The court heard he groped his victim as she ordered a round of drinks and has since offered an unreserved apology to her. He had appealed his sentence, claiming it was far too tough a punishment for a “short-lived incident of touching.”

In a hearing overseen by Lady Justice Hallet at London’s Appeal court on January 24th, it was ruled that the sentence awarded to Griffin was not excessive.

Griffin’s defence had outlined how he had joined the ranks at 16 and held seven years of distinguished service, including gaining medals for tours in Afghanistan.

However, the judge, sitting with Mrs Justice Russell and Mr Justice Nicklin concluded that it was an “unpleasant” incident which undermined military discipline, stating “We are not persuaded the sentence was excessive, the appeal is dismissed.”

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