Colchester businesses set to ‘compete with London’ as Gigabit broadband scheme announced

Colchester Council has announced businesses in Colchester will soon be able to take advantage of a new Government scheme which offers up to £3,000 in vouchers to pay for capital costs of installing ultra-fast fibre broadband.

The vouchers can be used to pay for the installation of ‘up-to gigabit fibre’ connectivity, which could see a boost in the creative and digital sectors, as well as other businesses heavily reliant on sending and receiving large amounts of data.

Gigabit speeds are up-to 50 times faster than a standard telephone line-based internet connection, used by many businesses in the town centre.

A Colchester Council spokesperson said: “Future-proof connections mean your connectivity is scalable and can be increased as and when your business requires it, without the need for new infrastructure to be installed.

“Gigabit fibre will allow local businesses to compete technologically with companies based in London and other cities, who may already be taking advantage of ultrafast connectivity.”

The voucher scheme is part of the Government’s £200 million Local Full Fibre Network Fund (LFFN), which is designed to boost the take-up of ultrafast broadband across the country.

A Borough Council owned fibre network, that is able to provide ‘up-to gigabit broadband’ has already been deployed to 850 small business addresses in parts of Colchester town centre.

The Council will be working with the LFFN during 2018 and later years, to expand the reach of gigabit connectivity to the rest of the town.

It is hoped the network will grow to span the whole borough over the next few years.

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