Safety Alert: Child approached by man in Stanway

Parents and children have been warned to be on the alert after a primary school student was approached by man on the Lakelands Estate in Stanway, Colchester.

The man, described as in his 50’s with scruffy hair and a leather jacket was reported to have been driving an old gold coloured BMW.

A warning email has been sent to all parents at a local primary school. The incident has been reported to Essex Police.

The school would like to remind all of their families to: “Be vigilant on their journeys to and from school, especially as we now have the darker evenings.”

“Any suspicious behaviour should be reported to a member of school staff and the police as soon as possible.”

Essex Police confirmed: “We were contacted at 10.40am on November 16 with reports a man in a gold BMW had sounded the car horn at a boy in Robin Crescent, Stanway, at 8:30am”.

“The car drove alongside the child, who ran off. His mother challenged the driver, who was reported to have verbally abused her. He then drove off.”

In what’s being reported as a separate incident, Essex Police said: “We were contacted shortly after 4.20pm on November 16 with reports a girl had been walking in Halstead Road, Stanway at around 3.50pm when a black BMW slowed down, the driver looked at her, then drove off.”

It has not been confirmed if both incidents are related.

If you have any further information, please contact Colchester Police on 101.

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