Priti Patel ‘tremendous honour’ to serve in Cabinet as Home Secretary

Priti Patel, MP for Witham and Stanway has been chosen by new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to serve in his Cabinet as Home Secretary.

The announcement was made following a meeting in Downing Street shortly after new PM Boris Johnson took office.

Commenting after her visit to Downing Street, Priti said: “It is a tremendous honour and privilege to be asked to serve in the new administration formed by Boris Johnson as a member of his Cabinet.

“Boris brings an enormous amount of energy to the role and his message of optimism and hope means our country now has a fresh start.”

“There is a strong team in Government who believe in Britain and are working with Boris to deliver Brexit and unify our country. Work is also taking place on developing and implementing an exciting domestic policy programme to give our country a more prosperous future.”

Priti was a key figure during the recent leadership race, a senior spokesperson for Boris Johnson throughout his campaign.

“While being a member of the Cabinet is a great honour, I will continue to be a strong voice for everyone in the Witham constituency, supporting local communities and helping my constituents with the individual challenges and problems they face”, added Priti.

Priti will continue to campaign for infrastructure improvements in the East of England supporting economic growth.