Consultation on weekend bus services

Essex County Council (ECC) is consulting the public on supported evening and Sunday bus services.

ECC is reviewing all evening and Sunday Services that are paid for by the tax payer and is consulting with the public over proposals around devolution of the service.

Additionally, the consultation would like to know your views on the types of service provided and how they are commissioned.

More: Open the consultation link here

ECC said in a statement: “We have a strong record for supporting local bus services, especially when compared to the situation with many other local transport authorities across the country, where there have been significant reductions in the level of support offered.

“ECC remains committed to supporting an effective and efficient bus service network offering value for money to the taxpayer in the services it provides.

“However the strong financial pressure on all local government funding means that ECC has to look very carefully at how it provides all its services to make sure that the limited funding available is focused where it will do most good.

The consultation will end at 17:00 on Friday 22nd March 2019.

The consultation letter will be available in libraries (from January 2019), or by phoning: 0345 743 0430. It is also available online.