Don’t let pumpkins become a Halloween horror!

Be sure to make the most of your jack- o’lanterns this Halloween by making, munching and mulching them.

Every October, the UK wastes 18,000 tons of squash. However, every part of a pumpkin can be used or recycled.

Once you have made your spooky decoration, the scooped-out flesh can be used to make pies, soups, hummus or even smoothies. Toasted and seasoned pumpkin seeds make a delicious and healthy snack, too.

Pet hamsters will happily munch them raw, or you can plant them to grow your very own pumpkins for next year.

Once Halloween has ended, pumpkins with the candles removed can be composted or placed in your food waste caddy. Colchester’s recycled food goes to an anaerobic digestion plant where it is then turned into fertiliser that feeds crops.

This process also produces a gas that is used to generate electricity so in a few months’ time, your pumpkin could help to power your Christmas lights!

Colchester Borough Council are asking residents to recycle their pumpkin leftovers by cutting them up and placing them in with their weekly food waste or, if they are too large, place them on top or next to their caddy.

The Love Food Hate Waste website at features lots of recipes for pumpkins and other leftover food.