McDonald’s Tollgate reopens following extensive refurbishment

STANWAY: Popular fast-food restaurant McDonald’s reopens following £multi-million refurbishment bringing with it 30 new jobs and kiosk ordering.

With completion of a £2 million refurbishment, McDonald’s drive-thru at Tollgate in Stanway reopened Tuesday (30th October) after an 8-week closure.

Opening the recently upgraded restaurant, MP for Witham and Stanway Priti Patel cut the ribbon alongside franchisee Craig Newnes and senior management team Liz Levett and Georgina Corbett.

Craig Newnes, Managing Director of CGN Restaurants Limited and McDonald’s franchisee said: “This is an exciting time as we transform Tollgate McDonald’s for customers and staff, extending the front to double our seat count to 160. The design is outstanding and I know my valued customers are going to love it!

“We are putting in our experience of the future kitchen in replacing the whole kitchen area allowing all food products to be made individually, delivering hot and fresh products every time.”

Self ordering kiosks in McDonald’s Tollgate
Recycling stations have been fitted in-store at McDonald’s Tollgate
Kids activity tablets inside McDonald’s Tollgate

Inside the newly refurnished store, self service kiosks have been introduced alongside a new queuing system and table service.

Seating inside has been extended to 160 seats for customers to enjoy their meals. Recycling stations have also been introduced in a bid to help sort waste.

Outside, the drive-thru has been extended creating two ordering points to help reduce wait times during peak periods

Craig added: “Our drive-thru is different with a second order point, allowing it to be twice as fast. I’ve also incorporated in the plans new staff facilities, with the staff room double the size ensuring great facilities for everyone.

“As a Colchester Ambassador, I’m so proud of my staff and managers and the future looks great for us all at McDonald’s.”

CGN Restaurants Limited – a franchise of McDonald’s – employs almost 1000 staff across its locations in Essex, with four restaurants in Colchester.