Hundreds of new homes planned for Stanway as developer submits application

Property developers Mersea Homes have submitted an outline application for the proposal of hundreds of new homes in Stanway.

In the detailed outline planning application, permission is being sought for 420 residential units with parking, servicing and open spaces plus landscaping.

The site off Dyers Road, currently known as Fiveways Fruit Farm, was allocated for residential development in the Colchester Council’s Adopted Site Allocation Plan (2010), forming part of the wider Stanway Growth Area.

Proposals for outline planning for 420 new homes in Stanway

News of the proposal has attracted mixed reaction on social media, with local residents voicing concerns over traffic and lack of infrastructure in Stanway.

Cllr. Paul Dundas (CON), Stanway ward councillor said: “In terms of rejecting the application the big, big challenge legally is that this site is already allocated as housing in the adopted local plan which was initially written in 2001, adopted again in 2010 and revised in 2014.

“Legal reasons for rejecting it are a really tough challenge. The Council took the basic decision to build here 10-15 years ago, so the developer will have a massive upper hand in legal terms.”

As part of the scheme, a new roundabout is also being proposed at the current Blackberry Road / Peartree Road / Winstree Road junction allowing the existing cycle path to continue from Winstree Road to the new development.

Proposed plans for a new roundabout scheme at Fiveways junction (pictured) in Stanway

Plans submitted show plans for additional pedestrian crossing points on Peartree Road are and a raised surface at the junction of Winstree Road will be implemented.

The submission on behalf of Mersea Homes Ltd & Hills Residential is phase two of the Dyers Road development plan.

History of the site has shown since 1876, the site has remained as agricultural land. In 1897 a single building was constructed and by 1923 extensions were added.

In 1977, the usage of the farm yard was changed to a fruit packing station.

Residents can view the full outline planning application online and are able to comment on the proposals until 19th October.