PICTURES/VIDEO: Naked cyclists ‘bare all’ around Colchester

Naked cyclists dowsed themselves in sun-cream as the return of the Colchester Naked Bike Ride took place on Saturday (14th July).

In tempuratures as high as 27C, the cyclists stripped down to their birthday suits to help raise awareness against the use of oil and vulnerability of cyclists using our roads.

The cycling campaigners set off from the mini-green at the ‘Jumbo’ water town in Colchester at around 2:00pm and followed a route around Colchester.




Colchester’s naked cycling campaign is now in it’s fourth year and this year saw over 15 people take part.

Robert Brown, organiser of the naked cycle event in Colchester said it’s aim was: “To get people out of their cars and on bikes, to make the roads safer for cyclists of all ages. There are too many cars on the road and we use too much oil.”

Cllr. Darius Laws (Con), Castle Ward Borough Councillor welcomed the event having a lot of sympathy for what the campaigners are attempting to raise awareness of.

“You would never get me wearing Lycra let along cycling naked. I do have a lot of sympathy of what these guys are trying to raise awareness of. We do need to have better cycling infrastructure in this country. We have air quality problems in many of our urban areas, we have a child obesity problem nationwide.”

The keen cyclist added: “It’s no good just talking about encouraging cycling, we actually need to put the steps in to enable it to happen.”

Joe Fallowell, organiser of the Cambridge naked bike ride who rode along in Colchester on Saturday, said: “We are raising awareness of environmental issues, cycling safety issues, the increasing number of cars on the road and the vulnerability of cyclists – the reason we do it naked – it highlights that vulnerability.

“The number of cars [on our roads] is increasing, we want to raise awareness there are alternative methods of transport out there, and they can do something different that will make a difference to the world as well.”

The route around Colchester on Saturday saw the naked cyclists head towards Cowdray Avenue, Greenstead Road, along Hythe Hill towards St Johns Street and around Head Street and High Street.