Funding announced to help eliminate dangerous parking around schools

A new scheme to help eliminate dangerous parking around schools in north Essex has been given funding.

North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) have agreed to set aside £50,000 to fund the new scheme named 3PR.

3PR is due to launch in September working in partnership with local schools across Colchester.

The scheme, originally created by South Essex Parking Partnership, represents the three parking rules of Care, Consideration and Caution and is designed to help deliver a positive message about school parking, providing advice and guidance to children, parents and the residents on safe and considerate parking practices.

Any pupil who enters a school’s 3PR zone by foot, cycle or scooter will recieve a 3PR token for the class token box. Each month the class with the most tokens is awarded a cup and at the end of each school year, one class will become the 3PR Parking Champions.

Cllr. Robert Mitchell, Chairman of North Essex Parking Partnership, said: “We’re really excited to be launching the 3PR scheme in North Essex. Parking near some schools is often an issue and we’re always looking for ways to improve it and keep children safe.

“The 3PR scheme has been hugely successful in south Essex so we are confident it will motivate families in north Essex to be considerate during the morning drop off, making the roads around schools much safer.”

3PR class token box.
3PR campaign poster to be placed around participating schools from September.

The average set-up fee for each school is around £500 and there will be recurring costs associated with the initiative year-on-year.

The original scheme was launched by SEPP with Chelmsford schools taking part in the scheme.

In a statement last March, the headteacher of Tyrrells Primary School in Chelmsford spoke of the impact the scheme had on nearby parking. She said, “Our young school Councillors have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the planning of this project over the last year.

It was fantastic to see the project finally in action. Many parents have already commented on the impact that it had in reducing the number of cars outside the school and the children have been eager to earn their 3PR tokens.”

Engagement with schools across Colchester and north Essex has already started with moves to implement the scheme at primary schools in Stanway already underway. NEPP hopes that the first launch of 3PR will take place in September 2018.

Primary schools that are interested in the scheme should contact the 3PR team by email.

Headline picture: 3PR patrols outside Lawford Mead School in Chelmsford.