Clean Air Day celebrated with ‘No Idling’ campaign to reduce air pollution

Colchester is set to celebrate National Clean Air Day with the launch of a new ‘No Idling’ policy in the Borough.

Events will be taking place across the nation today (June 21st) to highlight air pollution and the effect it has on the health of millions of people.

Clean Air Day is a chance to find out more about air pollution, share information with friends and colleagues, and help make the air cleaner and healthier for everyone.

Cllr. Tina Bourne, Portfolio Holder for Housing and Communities said: “Statistics show that leaving engines running while stationary is an unnecessary source of air pollution which is so harmful to people’s health and well-being.

“As part of our Livewell Colchester initiative, it was important to us to do something to tackle this issue.  Switching off your engine when stationary is a really simple action everyone can take to contribute to reducing air pollution.”

The ‘No Idling’ policy to be introduced in Colchester means that drivers of Colchester Borough Council and Colchester Borough Homes vehicles, will adopt the ‘No Idling’ policy, and switch off their vehicle when stationary.

Waste and recycling collection and cleaning vehicles will be exempt from the policy.

‘Living Walls’

Castle Ward Cllr. Darius Laws, keen cyclist said he has never bought a car in his life, adding: “I fully support the ‘No Idling’ policy and encourage other vehicle users to think about turning their engine off when stopped.

“More work needs to be done to address the poor air quality within the town centre and at various pinch points to reduce air polution.

“I want to see more green living walls, more trees and greater incentives for sustainable transport such as electric charge points.”

‘Switch off your engines’

The ‘No Idling’ policy will also be introduced at all Council office premises including Rowan House and Shrub End, where new signage will encourage drivers to support the campaign by turning off their vehicle’s engine when stationary.

North Essex Parking Partnership’s Civil Enforcement Officers and zone team staff will also be out chatting to drivers on their regular patrols and encouraging them to switch off their engines when parked.

Events across the U.K. can be tagged with the hashtag #cleanairday on Twitter, Facebook and Instragram to help highlight the cause.

More information on Clean Air Day can be found online.