McDonald’s to ditch the plastic straw in favour of paper alternative

Fast food giant McDonald’s have announced they are to ditch the plastic straw.

It was announced on Friday (15th June) that the chain is to roll-out paper straws across its 1,361 restaurants in the U.K. and Ireland.

It is understood the change will be managed in phases, completing by the end of 2019.

McDonald’s in Belgium have also been trialing alternatives to plastic straws. Tests are planned for locations in the U.S., France, Sweden, Norway and Australia later this year.

Starting September, McDonald’s restaurants UK and Ireland will begin transitioning to paper straws in all of its restaurants. McDonald’s goal is to source 100 per cent of its packaging from renewable, recycled, or certified sources by 2025.

Francesca DeBiase, McDonald’s Executive VP, Global Supply Chain and Sustainability said: “[We are] committed to using our scale for good and working to find sustainable solutions for plastic straws globally.

“In addition to the exciting news from the U.K. today, we are testing straw alternatives in other countries to provide the best experience for our customers.

“We hope this work will support industry wide change and bring sustainable solutions to scale.”

In addition to tests that began earlier this year in the U.K., McDonald’s has announced it is also to begin tests to offer straws upon request only.

Francesca added: “We are eager to learn from these tests around the world to develop solutions that are scalable across the globe.”