TRAFFIC: High Street closed overnight for road repairs

Essex Highways have confirmed works will take place overnight (12th June-13th June) to repair damaged sections of highway along the High Street in Colchester.

The High Street will be closed from after the last bus, around midnight, at the top of the road outside Fenwick, to allow the work to be carried out safely.

High Street Colchester will be closed overnight, 12th June 2018.

Repairs are to take place overnight outside Fenwick, with cones and other safety equipment being put in position from 8:30pm.

Drivers are advised to plan alternative routes during this period, delays are possible.

Cllr. Darius Laws, Borough Councillor for Castle Ward said: “I have spoken to Highways bosses about various (Old) Town Centre issues with loose stones and paving slabs, and I welcome the news tonight we will see some repairs.

“The recent pothole patches outside Fenwicks were only ever temporary, and no doubt were essential in an area where there are lots of people walking close by.”

Work is being undertaken to repair damaged sections of the road outside Fenwick and other areas on the High Street. Temporary surface treatment had been laid previously.

High Street Colchester is due to re-open again before tomorrow morning’s rush hour.