Colchester Labour select Parliamentary Candidate from ‘All Woman Shortlist’

The Labour Party have chosen their Colchester Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) announcing Tina McKay as selected choice from five hopefuls.

Ms. McKay was selected from a Labour ‘All Woman Shortlist’ of five, including former Clacton PPC, Tasha Osben, former Wivenhoe councillor, Rosalind Scott and Solma Ahmed and sitting councillor, Julie Young – both from Colchester.

Labour announced their selection of Tina McKay after hustings were held last Saturday (19th May), in a post on Twitter, saying: “Congratulations to Tina McKay, our Parliamentary Candidate for Colchester!”

We have contacted Ms McKay, however she has yet to respond to our requests for comment.

Rosalind Scott, one of the potential candidate’s said: “The hustings were full of energy and 200 people were inspired by the five strong women on that rostrum.

“It was not about eliminating four of us, but about finding the best fit for Colchester. Tina is a true socialist with her sights on what is best for the people of Colchester. She has my full support.”


Speaking to Jumbo News on Labour’s announcement, Cllr. Tim Young, leader of the Colchester Labour Group said he was very disappointed Julie Young wasn’t selected. He added: “In my opinion, [Julie] would have been a great parliamentary candidate for Labour and a brilliant MP for Colchester.

“[Julie] fought a great campaign and, was undoubtedly, the stand out performer at the hustings meeting. I do however respect the democracy in our Party and I will give my full support to Tina McKay in her efforts to unseat Will Quince and help get rid of this rotten, cruel and incompetent Tory government.”

Mr. Young stood as the Colchester Labour Candidate in the 2017 General Election, campaigning against Conservative incumbent, Will Quince.

The Tory MP held his seat with 45.9 per cent of the popular vote to Labour’s 35.3 per cent.

‘Clear choice’

Mr. Quince commented after hearing the selection announcement, saying: “The hard left Momentum take-over of Colchester Labour is complete. It makes the choice at the next General Election a clearer one for many. I wish Tina well and look forward to meeting her in due course.”

The ‘people-powered’ movement, Momentum, posted on their Facebook page: “Congratulations to Tina McKay. The newly elected Labour Party parliamentary candidate for Colchester.”

Scott Everest, local political commentator, congratulated Ms. McKay on winning the Labour PPC nomination. He added: “Tina McKay is a recent convert who has succeeded without any prior political experience standing as a candidate in any unitary authority.

“We would hope that Tina McKay would gain experience in campaigning by standing in next year’s local elections so the public can get an opportunity to get to know her better.

“We welcome her views and this addresses the gender balance in local politics and she will no doubt benefit from the campaigning skills of Wivenhoe resident Rosalind Scott and Cllr. Julie Young.”