Labour Party in Colchester announce their manifesto plans ahead of May’s local elections

Colchester Labour Party have announced their manifesto plans ahead of the May 3rd Colchester Borough local elections.

Focusing on housing, planning and homelessness, the Colchester Labour Party manifesto has set out their pledges to build more council houses, making sure planning decisions are taken promptly and increasing the number of staff providing housing advice.

Ensuring the proposed garden village settlements on the east and west of Colchester are well designed and include significant amounts of affordable housing are also a key policy, with the Party lending its full support to the backing of the emerging Local Plan (2018-2033).

Other key policing and safety policies for the Party are to allocate funding for more Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and introduce a mandatory 20 mph speed limit on all new developments.

They also pledge to increase the resources of the Borough Council’s zone teams.

A statement from the Colchester Labour Party said: “There are 17 seats being contested (one third of the council) and the Labour Party is aiming to make gains so that it can be in a dominant position when discussing the make-up of the administration that will run Colchester Borough Council for, at least, the next twelve months.”

Air quality is a key issue for many and the the Labour Party are pledging to enforce clean air policies and allow free parking for electric vehicles. They also make a pledge to only allow electric and ‘clean’ buses within the historic town centre core zone.

The modernisation of the Borough prompts the Colchester Labour Party to pledge to deliver the Northern Gateway project and support the Colchester BID (Business Improvement District). Labour also pledge to begin work on the creation of a local cooperative transport provider, serving the whole borough.

Labour also pledge to take radical action in the worst polluted streets in the town and investigate a community bike system, similar to London.

Waste and recycling get’s a mention, with a pledge to review the effectiveness of wheelie bins to determine appropriateness, with a view of rolling them out to other parts of the Borough, following consultation.

There is also a pledge to work with businesses to reduce the amount of waste businesses produce.