Liberal Democrats announce 2018 manifesto ahead of May 3rd local elections

Colchester Liberal Democrats have launched their 2018 manifesto highlighting returning power to Colchester residents, transport and homes as key features.

The Liberal Democrat manifesto points to “building a community that lives life the full and takes care of its environment” with a pledge to build new homes with sustainable green technologies, protecting open spaces.

Forward-thinking, greener, cheaper transport systems are also on the manifesto to make transport convenient for everyone.

The Liberal Democrats want to see decisions made locally, by local people, by bringing back true local control of repairs and maintenance under Colchester Borough Council control.

The Party also pledge to seek to develop Park and Ride schemes to the east, south and west of Colchester, supporting cycling with more bicycle lanes and a new bike-share and hire service in Colchester.

On building, they pledge to “continue to take an infrastructure first approach to new developments”, and will ensure all new houses and housing developments are equipped for charging electric vehicles.

There’s also an announcement the party will introduce recycling schemes for flats and provide easier recycling services of TetraPak and similar containers, either through doorstep collections or through the deployment of collection bins.

Colchester Borough Elections are on Thursday, 3rd May.