Green Party launch 2018 Colchester election campaign

The Green Party in Colchester today (Saturday, 14th April) kicked off their official election campaign, focusing on air quality, recycling and the environment.

At an event held in Firstsite, Colchester’s local Green party, led by Mark Goacher, spelled out their focus for the forthcoming May 3rd local Borough elections.

With candidates being selected in every ward – a first for the party – Mr Goacher announced their pledges from the Green Party manifesto.

Engine idling has been identified as a key issue contributing towards poor air quality in the town. Mr Goacher said: “A serious look at how we can reduce the volume of traffic in key locations around Colchester is needed. North Station Road, Brook Street, East Street and East Hill, they are the areas with the worst pollution.

“There is no one solution to solving the problem. If development continues at historical levels, traffic problems will get worse unless serious initiatives are taken to reduce it.”

Plastic recycling is also a manifesto policy item, with a focus for businesses in the town to reduce their plastic waste. The party are committed to exploring ways to reduce plastic food packaging and will actively lobby companies to use environmentally friendly packaging to reduce waste.

Mr Goacher with Baroness Jennifer Jones at the Green Party campaign launch, Colchester 2018

Supporting today’s Green Party campaign launch, Baroness Jennifer Jones spoke of some of the issues facing Colchester. She said: “Problems with traffic, air pollution, over-development and decent rail links are all issues that a huge number of towns are facing, often a problem of national funding and national direction.

“Having one Green Party member elected at any level of politics, from Parish Council to the House of Lords, really does make a difference.”

Waste collections are also a manifesto item with the Green Party opposed to weekly black sack collections and the current waste policy of ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ collections. The Party are setting out to ensure flexibility for large households and plans to ensure flats, as well as houses, have equal opportunity to recycle.

The Colchester Borough elections are on Thursday 3rd May.