Myeloma UK award demonstrates gold standard of myeloma care at Colchester hospital

Colchester General Hospital has been recognised for their work treating and caring for patients with myeloma.

The team was presented with a Clinical Service Excellence Programme award from Myeloma UK after being closely monitored by the charity and rated excellent, during a recent visit.

Myeloma, also known as multiple myeloma, is a cancer arising from plasma cells, a type of white blood cell which is made in the bone marrow.

The award recognises the hospital’s commitment to providing superior treatment to myeloma patients, and helping to make improvements in the wider healthcare community.

Julie Watson, Myeloma clinical nurse specialist said it is “an amazing honour” to have achieved this award adding “it shows that we are providing excellent care for Myeloma patients. It is also great for the patients and their families, knowing that we have been recognised by a national agency.

“We have achieved this award through hard work, being focused and providing a personal, unique care programme for each patient.”

Julie works with a number of different staff in the department, including haematologists, Dr Mike Hamblin, Dr Gavin Campbell and Dr Mohan Mahalakshmi.

The Haematology Team, Colchester Hospital

Suzanne Renwick, Healthcare Professional Projects Manager, Myeloma UK, said “Being presented with the Myeloma UK CSEP Award is a considerable achievement and shows that Colchester Hospital University Foundation Trust (CHUFT) is dedicated to providing excellent treatment and care.

“The Myeloma UK CSEP award demonstrates the gold standard of myeloma care.”

The department’s work will be reviewed again in two years’ time.