Parents warned over video chat app used by children

A Colchester school has written to parents informing them of an app that was reported to have shown adult material whilst being used by a child.

The app, ‘Diso Video Chat’, was reported to Essex Police after it was alleged a child became engaged in a video chat with a male, who was described as “naked and masturbating”.

The man had also asked for the child “to remove their trousers and pants”, whilst on the video chat.

Diso Video Chat, available on the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play store

The app, available for download on the Apple app store and Google Play store, has been reported to Police who are taking this incident very seriously.

In a statement to parents, Steven Turnbull, Headteacher of Hazelmere School said: “The family of this child are understandably very upset, but wanted me to let all our parents know so that families are more aware of the online risks children face.

“There is increasing evidence that the massive number of video chat apps that are appearing are frequently used by predatory paedophiles and present a significant risk to your children’s safety.”

Mr Turnbull urged all parents to “check parental controls are enabled on devices” and to “disable the function to download free apps” to reduce the risk to children using them.

Essex Police advise people to contact them if any messages are received that contain content designed to harass, alarm or distress, even if they have blocked and reported the user to the social networking site.

The full guidance given by Essex Police on Safer Surfing is available online.

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