RED’s Holographic phone coming this summer

The worlds first ‘holographic’ retail mobile phone could be on shelves later this year as manufacturer RED’s founder and CEO Jim Jannard shared the specs and features about their Hydrogen One device.

Initially to be made available on all U.S. mobile networks from the summer, unlocked versions will be available sooner for those who pre-order.

With a 5.7-inch display screen, provided by an exclusive partnership with Leia Inc, the phone will have two modes: a regular 2D mode and a 4-View (4V) holographic mode, which displays a “better than 3D image” without glasses, according to Jannard.

The Hydrogen One’s 4V video format is new and Jannard has hinted that it will be supported by several “big dog” social media sites.

Hydrogen One’s specs include a headphone jack and house a whopping 4,500mAh battery, body made of aluminium or titanium, expandable storage via a MicroSD slot and a USB-C slot.

Jannard promises that there will be more news about the phone and 4V with press access in April at RED Studios.

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