Asda and Aldi to ban sales of Red Bull and other energy drinks to under 16’s

In a bid to reduce the caffeine intake by children, two leading supermarkets have announced bans on sales of energy drinks to under 16’s.

Following on from news earlier this month, supermarket Waitrose were banning sales of high caffeine energy drinks to under 16’s, Asda are the first of the “big four” supermarkets in the UK to have announced an age limit on sales in all their stores, from March 5th.

Aldi will apply the ban to soft drinks containing a minimum of 150mg of caffeine per litre, from March 1st.

From these dates, customers wishing to buy these products, either in store or online will need to be willing to show appropriate ID.

Andrew Murray, Asda’s Chief Customer Officer said: “We take our responsibilities as a retailer seriously and work hard to ensure we get the balance right between offering choice and doing the right thing.

“We have listened to our customers and want to take a leading position in this area to support parents and teachers in limiting young peoples’ access to high caffeine drinks.”

Asda confirmed the ban will be in force across its 646 stores in the UK affecting 84 products.

The government guidelines on caffeine intake in children advise “Children, or other people sensitive to caffeine, should only consume caffeine in moderation.”

The move by Waitrose, Asda and Aldi follows a previous move by Morrisons in 2013 to ban children under the age of 16 from buying high-caffeine energy drinks in some stores.

Further advice on caffeine consumption during pregnancy and breast feeding can be found on the NHS Choices website.

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