Draft Local Plan to be under public examination from 16th January

Colchester’s draft Local Plan is to be the subject of an Examination in Public, at the Weston Homes Stadium, beginning on the 16th January 2018.

The hearing will provide the opportunity for a Planning Inspector to consider the Council’s Local Plan document, submitted last October, and hear representations from the Council and members of the public.

The Inspector will then make recommendations to Colchester Council, depending on whether he finds the Plan sound or requires changes to the Plan to make it sound.

If found sound, the Council can proceed to adopt the new Local Plan.

The draft Colchester Local Plan is designed to provide the framework to help the Borough meet its needs for the next two decades – including jobs, housing, schools, roads and other infrastructure, ensuring they are meeting the needs of businesses and the local community.

It also outlines the importance of the countryside; ecological and heritage features will be protected.

The draft Local Plan covers the policies and proposals for the Borough up to 2033 and if adopted will show how job growth along with housing needs can be supported.

The draft Plan also includes proposals for the North Essex Garden Communities — Colchester/Braintree Borders Garden Community and Tendring/Colchester Borders Garden Community.

These ambitious projects – involving Colchester, Braintree and Tendring councils, and also Essex County Council – are designed to help tackle the housing challenge faced in the area.

Included in the plan are key points on infrastructure like ensuring roads, a rapid transit system, schools and health services are developed as the homes are built, not after.

Councillor Paul Smith (Lib Dem), Leader of Colchester Borough Council, said “This is a Local Plan for Colchester’s growth and to unleash the enormous potential we have for jobs in our Borough.

“The Plan encompasses the whole Borough and will position us well to realise Colchester’s potential.

“It will also allow us to take a pragmatic approach to addressing future needs and more longstanding problems, such as congestion and the availability of housing, and will allow us to access funding opportunities that will further support Colchester.”

The public examination of the Local Plan begins on 16th January 2018 and is scheduled to last for two weeks.

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