Philip Morant Colchester to partially close after suffering burst water main

In a statement sent to parents today, The Philip Morant school has confirmed they are not expecting some students to attend tomorrow (Wednesday 10th January) due to a burst water main meaning parts of the school will be lacking heating.

The statement sent out by email and confirmed by the school said “The school has suffered an underground burst water main; repairs to this are underway but will result in substantial parts of the school not having any heating tomorrow.

“We have therefore had to take the difficult decision to partially close the school tomorrow (Wednesday 10th January).

“Students in Year 7, 8 and 9 will not be expected to attend school tomorrow as we cannot guarantee their wellbeing due to current cold weather and lack of heating.

“All other students should attend as normal.”

The message from the school goes on to advise if anyone is unable to arrange supervision for their child at short notice, they should not hesitate to contact Tracie Warwick, Assistant Principal at

The school has confirmed they will be providing updated information as to the situation.

Information published on the Essex County Council website for Wednesday 10th January, 2018 verifies the partial closure:


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