Gosbecks Archaeological Park vandalised

Serious damage to fencing apparently caused by a vehicle.

Early morning visitors arrived at the park this morning (New Year’s eve) to a scene of devastation.

The damage, which appears to have been caused by a vehicle, has destroyed the majority of wooden fencing and knocked over a large wooden notice board.

There are tyre tracks on the grass, not normally accessible by motor vehicles. The damage is thought to be valued in the thousands.


Councillors Pauline Hazell (Con) and Vic Flores (Con) surveyed the damage along with shocked dog walkers, all agreeing on the senseless nature of the damage caused.

A Shrub End resident and regular user of the Park, described how she visited at around 4.30pm on 30th (Saturday) and again at 7.30am on 31st (Sunday) to find the damage.

Cllr Hazell expressed her frustration; “It is just senseless, mindless vandalism of a well used, popular facility.


“I hope anyone that saw anything suspicious, or with any information on the crime, will please share it with Colchester Police using 101.”

The Park remains open.

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