Councillor invoiced for ‘failure of rubbish collection’

Colchester Borough Councillor Darius Laws (Con) has been sent an invoice on behalf of a property management company for failed waste collection services.

Red Rock Estate and Property Management Limited of Beaumont in Essex issued the £95 demand to the Castle Ward Councillor citing “failure of rubbish collection”.Mr Laws commented “I was a little surprised to have personally received this bill. It is disappointing that the Council still seems to have problems over the new waste collection service.

“I am wondering if we need a return to weekly black sack collection in the more densely populated areas such as the town centre and in New Town.

“It is not only unsightly in somewhere like the Dutch Quarter but with an upsurge of restaurants in the town centre there is potential for an increase in vermin.”


When asked if Mr Laws will be paying the invoice sent by the company he suggested he will “not be paying the invoice personally” but will be passing it to the Cabinet member responsible for waste for their consideration.

Cllr Scott Boutell (Lib), the Cabinet Member responsible for waste at Colchester Council had recently used her Locality Budget to help resolve waste collection issues in her ward, with some calling into question new waste system policies.

A spokesperson for Colchester Council said “The waste in question was collected by Colchester Council.

“We are aware of the issue with the invoice and we will be liaising with Red Rock to discuss the situation.”

When we contacted Red Rock Estate and Property Management Limited, they said “no comment”.

Cllr Laws has recently been made leader of the Conservative Party in Colchester.

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