Stanway Parish Council fight back over alleged parking abuse

Stanway Parish Council are to consider closing the car park gate on the Village Hall in a bid to put an end to alleged abusive behaviour to it’s staff.

The parking facilities are offered by the Parish Council as a courtesy to drivers attending the Stanway Primary School, to reduce traffic on Villa Road during school drop off and collection times.

A spokesperson for the Parish Council in Stanway condemned the behaviour of some users of the free car parking facilities.

“Following continued abuse of Village Hall staff, users and vehicles by parents, the Parish Council were left with the final recourse of blocking the parents from using the car park.

“We are now willing to try and give the agreement another go, but will keep the use of the car park under review,” they told Jumbo News.

The alleged abuse has seen the authority of Village Hall staff challenged when directing drivers on agreed parking usage.

Spaces are allocated at the Tollgate Hall car park area, which can accommodate over 70 cars.

Car park for school run users at the Tollgate Hall on Villa Road, Stanway.

A parent spoke of “frustration” due to the lack of respect shown to staff. “It’s very frustrating to discover that other parents have been abusive to Village Hall staff and that a lack of consideration is risking a generous and long standing agreement.

“It is already dangerous enough at times as it is such a busy road, and now a small minority of people have apparently been rude to the Village Hall staff and others parking in the wrong place.

“I think there has been confusion as to where we are allowed to park. Removing these facilities is going to make it so much worse.

“I just wish there was a way to keep the agreement in place. It isn’t fair that the majority who appreciate and respect the availability of parking there are going to suffer due to a small minority,” they told Jumbo News.

Stanway Primary School were approached for comment, however did not provide a statement.

The Parish Council have sent a copy of their parking allocation map to the school to distribute which shows users of the car park where they may park during the school run hours.

At a recent Parish Council meeting it was also reported drivers were ignoring the one-way system putting themselves, other drivers and pedestrians at risk.

Observations received by the council included questioning over the intensity of the speed-bumps on the grounds of the Village Hall.

Screenshot 2017-12-11 at 16.52.30.png
Plan of parking allowed at Tollgate Hall, Villa Road, Colchester

The Stanway Primary School is undergoing a £4.4 million expansion project to increase their pupil intake from 280 pupils to 420 with work set to be completed by September 2018.

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