School closures as temperatures set to plummet below zero

Many schools in Essex including Colchester are announcing their decision to close tomorrow, Tuesday 12th December.

Updated list of Essex school closures

The Met Office announced earlier a Yellow Warning for snow and ice was in place until 11:00am, Tuesday 12th December.

Forecasters expect temperatures as low as -2c tomorrow with a high of 0c for most of the day.

The decision to close a school is left to the Headteacher of the school, not the local authority.

Often a text message is sent out to all students of the school early in the morning. Schools often decide to close due to health and safety reasons for its pupils and staff.

In a recent poll, only 33% of people questioned were in favour of a school closing in the event of snow and ice to prevent slips and falls. The remainder suggesting the school should remain open.

Slush on cycle/pedestrian pathways will freeze overnight causing slippery conditions.

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