New retail unit to be built at Co-op Stanway

An application has been submitted for a new cafe-style retail unit to be built in the Co-op car park on Peartree Road in Stanway, Colchester.

The application for a new A1 retail unit would allow the provision for a shop including ticket or travel agencies or a shop selling sandwiches or other cold food for consumption off the premises.


Proposed design by Stanley Bragg Architects

It has not been confirmed at this stage who may take on the premises.

The proposal submitted by East of England Co-op will see a reduction of 16 parking spaces in the retail car park and the erection of a single storey retail unit on the 6185 square foot site.After the suggestions from Colchester Borough Council during the pre-application stages, it has been decided the design should have a distinctive projecting roof with wrap around glazing for the whole building.


Last month it was announced Flip Out trampoline leisure facility is set to open in the old Queensway Warehouse on Peartree Road in Stanway, Colchester.

East of England Co-op have been contacted for a comment and we will update this article when one is received.

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