Stanway receives gift of extra rubbish collection

Stanway residents received an early Christmas present today as details emerged of an extra ‘Green’ waste collection in the ward.

Stanway Councillor and portfolio holder for waste and sustainability, Jessica Scott-Boutell, announced today, via her Facebook page to Stanway residents, that an extra collection ‘Freighter’ will make stops at a number of places around the Stanway area on 9th December.The collection for Garden waste will stop at the following locations:

Grymes Dyke Way 09.00-09.45
Egremont Way 10.00-10.45
Harvey Crescent 11.00-11.45
Rogation Close 12.00-12.45
Lucy Lane South 13.00-1345
Cornflower Close 14.00-14.45

Liberal Democrat, Cllr Scott-Boutell took up post as Portfolio holder for waste and recycling in May this year, just as the Council was implementing its new controversial collections procedure, which saw the introduction of fortnightly collections and a small percentage of houses receiving free wheelie bins.

The Council had budgeted £850,000 for the changes, which have reportedly seen recycling rates rise dramatically. Figures also suggest that ‘residual waste’ (black bags) being dumped by residents at the Shrub End depot have also increased.

Part of the new arrangement saw garden waste limits reduced from 8 sacks to 4, with smaller, extra, replacement sacks being made available from the Council at £5 each.

Each Colchester Councillor is given a ‘locality budget’ of £2000 to distribute to worthy causes and items requested by residents. It is not clear how much of Cllr Scott-Boutell’s £2000 has been spent on this exercise.

Shadow portfolio holder for waste, Councillor Sue Lissimore (Con) commented:

“This is another example of the new waste collection scheme that was introduced by the Lib Dem/Labour controlled Colchester Borough Council not working.

“Offering residents a skip which is paid for out of a Councillor’s locality budget is just adding more cost to the £850,000 that these changes have already cost us as tax payers.

“It comes in addition to the offer of extra garden waste bags for £5 each that Cllr Scott-Boutell offered residents last month! We pay enough in Council tax to get an excellent service without having to top this up and pay extra.”

Leader of the Council Cllr Paul Smith (Lib Dem), provided Jumbo News with the following statement:

“Councillors are entitled to use their budgets to help residents. Full details are shown on the Council’s website.”

Jumbo News has approached Cllr Scott-Boutell but did not receive comment before going to press.

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