Tribute artwork for Remembrance Sunday by local artist, Xav Marseille

Talented local artist Xav Marseille has created two new emotional pieces for his “Then&Now” project to commemorate Remembrance Sunday.

Xav Marseille the artist who started the “Then&Now” project in Colchester in 2016, had a photography idea of merging the past with the present. A fusion of a time we once knew with a reality of today, at the same spot and from the exact same angle.

Commenting on his latest pieces, Xav said: “I wanted to produce some new Colchester Then&Now artwork for Remembrance Sunday to remember what others did, all those years ago, to allow us to live in a free world.”“I hope these two exclusive Colchester “Then&Now” pieces help make Remembrance Day even more relevant and remind us how Europe could’ve been so different today without the soldiers who survived, but also the ones who didn’t.”

Xav was was born in France and studied Graphic Design & Arts in Paris before moving to Colchester. You can see more of Xav’s “Then&Now” artwork on his website.

Xav also has a gallery exhibition coming to Colchester, running from the 14th – 16th December 2017 at the Headgate Theatre.

Twitter: @xavmars
Instagram: xavmars1

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