Scammers target Whatsapp users with fake supermarket vouchers

Beware if you receive a message via Whatsapp, text message or email claiming a national supermarket is giving away gift vouchers online. 

The messages may appear to come from users you know and trust and often the website link looks legitimate.

But wait. Take a closer look at that website link and you will see some of the letters may be obscured in someway. In fact, the domain name part is often using symbols that look like real letters.

Domain name using symbols instead of normal letters

The scam offers voucher codes of any value, often £100 or £250 and lures victims into handing over their personal details.

Supermarkets are generally not in the business of handing over gift vouchers to celebrate a 68th anniversary. If you click on the link and fill out the page, your details will be harvested by scammers.

Before clicking any link we suggest you:-

Check for spelling and grammar mistakes.
Manually type in the website address to see the page “does not exist”.
Ask yourself, would a supermarket really give every customer a random value gift voucher?

If in doubt, do not click the link.


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